Top 10 Excuses To Pick Your Mobile And Play Indian Rummy

Indian Rummy or Indian rammi, also spelled as Rammy game or rami, is simple to play and easy to understand by new players.

Beyond a point, casual games lose its novelty. The challenges are not challenging enough, and the points are not rewarding enough. So, switch up your mobile games to online rummy. India’s traditional game is easily available on smartphones and it is pushing the player’s limits to use his or her skills to win. If you thought online rummy is just a card game to while away the time, well, it is much more fulfilling.

1) New Hand, Different Challenges

Swiping titles or running through the temple were once popular mobile games. Everyone played it on their mobile phones, but over time the charm of these games has worn off. With rummy, no two challenges are the same. The deck is thoroughly shuffled, and each hand is different.

2) Fun Yet Exciting & Engaging

A game of rummy is played frequently at family gatherings and with a circle of friends. It brings out competitiveness in a healthy fun way. This excitement remains unchanged with the mobile version of the game. Also, the optimised interface has a visual appeal that enhances your engagement as you play your hand.

3) Share With Like-Minded People

A beautiful thing about people is that we like to share and talk. After all we are a social animal. When it comes to playing rummy, you want to share your experience with your family, friends, and everyone on your social platform. Likewise, players love to share with other players. It forms a sense of community. At the end of the day, we all belong to various communities that share our similar interests.

4) Beats Stress With Happiness

They say, ‘smile and the world smiles with you’. So, beat stress with an element that sparks happiness, like an online game of rummy. This card game is infused with a touch of suspense, a dab of sweet wins, and a generous sprinkle of endorphins—the chemical that is produced naturally to cope with stress. Isn’t this an ideal way to de-stress?

5) Keeps The Mind Active

One of the ways to ensure that you win a hand at rummy is to study your opponent and keep in mind the cards that are discarded and picked. This involves the help of brain matter, more specifically, memory. No wonder, playing rummy strokes these cells. So do a rummy game download and get cracking on the online version.

6) Sharpens Your Mathematical Skills

Mathematics is a forte for few, but rummy is a game for all. What’s the correlation you ask? Well, using mathematics you realise if you have a winning hand. It is a combination of calculating the cards you have, cards that are discarded, and cards your opponent throws in the pile. That is where the element of skill enters the game. Rummy is a smart game—it improves your memory and polishes your knowledge of mathematics.

7) Win Real Cash Awards

There is always thrill surrounding a game, especially when there is an award for the winner. Likewise, with the online card game the stakes are high. The best part is that you enter the game for free, but you can take home the award. What happens in an online game is that the award is transferred to your account directly, in all transparency.

8) Adrenaline Rush Is Real

One way to get an adrenaline rush indoors is to play a game of rummy on your mobile. This card game ignites fun but also develops a surge of adrenaline. Your heart is pumping as the set or sequence is formed and every moment you spend playing the game reverberates through your senses with pulsating exhilaration.

9) One Game, Different Variations

There is no way that boredom can seep in. There are several ways to play rummy for online real money such as points rummy, deals rummy and pool rummy to name a few. You can easily play these variations on your mobile and jump between them too. Unlike other casual games that rose to fame and dispersed into the oblivion, you can play card games and be assured that the enthusiasm does not fade away.

10) Perfect Travel Companion

Whether it is a short trip from office to home or a long-distance journey, an online card game like rummy makes a great partner. With the onset of the internet boom, you can access the game anywhere. So, snuggle into your seat, get out your mobile out, and start the game of skill.

At the end of the day, we look for a recreational avenue. A way to relieve the day’s problems and unwind without disturbance. With the online rummy game, you forget about your worries, challenge your skills, and take home the real cash award.

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